Our pillars

External Training

Sharing the knowledge and expertise that we have, becomes another service to our clients.
With this we endeavour to improve the relations with our customers by supporting them with accessible trainings and workshops. We believe our added value specifically lies with making things practical. We distinguish ourselves from other training providers by offering trainings and workshop that are easy to understand no matter the knowledge level combined with a practical approach: it has to be easy to use in daily practice, but on a high level. In other words, bridging the gap between theory and practice

Research and Publications

The data and knowledge itself will also serve as an added value to our existing and potential clients. There are two main activities in the scope of using and sharing this data and knowledge:
  • Publications

Using our market and sector data and knowledge to publish interesting articles for existing and potential clients. This increases our exposure and will be done in a well-founded way to prove our reputation as experts in the particular field we publish about.

  • Research projects

Execute research projects for clients in collaboration with universities and/or field experts. We believe executing research projects for clients in collaboration with students will contribute to the most accurate results by using new newest approaches and technics in a professional way.


Within our group of companies, initiatives and developments are part of our daily business, driven by local knowledge and experience. With the use of the platform of Control Union Academy we want to raise the quality and enlarge the diversity of these initiatives and developments and speed up lead time These initiatives and developments can have a national or international character. This can also be sector specific or tailor made for your organisation.
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