[ESP - ONLINE COURSE] CUMCS GAP Medical Cannabis - June 24-30

Learn all about BPAR (GACP) & CUMCS-G.A.P. and the implications for your crop.

Cannabis industry experts will teach the essentials about the relevant guidelines, as well as the only global certification standard for medical cannabis, its implications and real-life best practices. In the third session, we will be giving an intro to EU-GMP. A course that will get you on track or even enhance your knowledge by being a seasoned expert in the industry.
Regulations on which this standard is based:
  1. World Health Organization (WHO): WHO Guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) for Medicinal Collection Practices (GACP) for Medicinal Plants - Geneva 2003
  2. GACP - European Medicines Agency: Standards for starting materials of herbal origin
  3. International Standard for Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.): G.A.P. Standard
  4. Dutch Government for Cannabis for Medical Use: Guidelines for the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes

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  • To understand the process from cultivation to extraction of medical cannabis
  • Obtain a solid theoretical base to apply in practice
  • Share the current regulations for medical cannabis
  • Share best industry practices worldwide
Training details:
  • Date: June 24 - June 30, 2021
  • Modality: Remote
  • Language: Spanish
  • Number of participants: Limited. LAST PLACES!
Who should attend?
Cannabis industry managers, supervisors, implementers, and team members.

  • 3 virtual sessions
  • 700 USD + VAT p/p
  • 10% discount for 2 people from the same company
  • Special rates for 3 people or more from the same company
  • Certificate of participation
  • Course materials 
  • Available to review for 1 month

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Session 1: Thursday, June 24
  • Intro & Welcome
  • Participants
  • Expectations & Objectives
  • Course Program
  • Course Logistics & Zoom
  • Third party services from other commodity markets
  • The importance of getting certified
  • Standards vs. Guidelines
  • Hemp and Organic
  • Quality Guidelines
  • Intro ICH Q9, GACP & EU-GMP
  • From Guideline to Standard
  • Intro to CUMCS-G.A.P.
  • Exercise #1: Risk Assessment
Session 2: Monday, June 28
  • Day 1 Summary
  • Exercise #1
  • CUMCS-G.A.P. detailed coverage of 21 chapters and checklist.
  • CUMCS-G.A.P. Implications
  • Exercise #2: Sign of quality of documents
Session 3: Wednesday, June 30
  • Day 2 Summary
  • Exercise #2
  • Intro EU-GMP and GMP
  • Quality Management System
  • GMP Basics
  • Specific Topics (summarized)
  • EU-GMP Implications
  • Course Overview
  • Course wrap up & Closure

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