BRC issue 7 to 8 Conversion Trainings, Israel, Dec '18


On August 1, 2018, BRC published a new version of its Food Safety Standard. After a transition phase of six months, the BRC Food Standard Issue 8 will replace Issue 7. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety audits will be conducted to the Issue 8 requirements starting February 1, 2019. In order to implement the updated standard requirements and provide key insights into the changes, Secal Israel invited its customers for a day long course.

Key learning objective:
  • understand the reasons for changes to the Standard, including industry developments;

  • be able to explain how the changes will benefit retailers, manufacturers, auditors and consumers;

  • understand the changes from Issue 7 including changes to the format of the Standard, changes to existing clauses, new requirements and clauses;

  • recognise the changes to the protocol of the Standard; and know how the audit process should now be carried out and reported.