Introduction to FSA & SAI Platform: Concepts, Applicability and Scope 9th of July

SAI Platform is one of the primary global food and drink value chain initiatives for sustainable agriculture. FSA is a comprehensive approach to farm sustainability built around a free set of simple questions which standardise farm assessment, besides being a gateway to the right partners, tools and skills to accelerate sustainable agriculture simply and effectively. FSA is a web-app available to SAI Platform members.

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Training details

  • Date: July 9th, 2020
  • Language: English
  • Time: 2 pm Eastern time (GMT -5:00)
  • Cost: FREE


  • Introduction to SAI Platform
  • Understanding of FSA scope and applicability

Who should attend?

This is a free webinar designed to introduce FSA & SAI Platform. We recommend attending people that has interest in improving their insight into agricultural value chains.


  • Introduction to SAI Platform and FSA Program
    • Structure
    • Mission
  • FSA Tools and Implementation
    • Existing resources
    • Checklist, Scoring and Implementation Models
      • FMGs, Stand-alone Farms, Sampling
    • Benefits
  • FSA Verification Process

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