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The OBP Certification Program was co-developed by the NGO Zero Plastic Oceans and Control Union to protect oceans from the continuous leakage of Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) from land-based activities.

Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) is abandoned plastic waste on its way to our oceans. It is admitted that 80% of the ocean's plastic contamination originates from land. As a direct and very effective way to limit the damage our oceans are suffering, it is important to focus our effort on capturing and treating OBP before it is too late.

Ocean Bound Plastic Certifications are available for organizations worldwide, that wishes to have an approved third party certify their activities related to Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP). It is based on environmental and social requirements and a full verification of the chain of custody for the collection and recycling of OBP until the final product.

What benefits do you get from getting certified?

  • Access higher value markets and environmentally conscious consumers
  • Be a proactive actor of ocean’s protection and preserve biodiversity
  • Have a positive social impact creating jobs and better economic opportunities within vulnerable communities
  • Comply with UN Sustainable Development Goals and your own sustainability goals.

Training details:

  • Date: 10th December 2020
  • Location: Online interactive session (MS Teams)
  • Time: 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm (GMT + 5:30)
  • Language: English
  • Presented by :
    • Vincent Decap - Co-Founder of Zero Plastic Oceans (ZPO), Scheme owner
    • Binay Kumar - Chairman of Control Union Textile Division/ Chairman CU India
    • Marjorie Platero – Certifier for OBP
    • Thatiana and/or Robert S.: Commercial support (Internal Team)


  • What is OBP?
  • Overview of the Scheme (Recycling Subprogram and Neutrality Subprogram)
  • Requirements for collection of OBP
  • Which certification is suitable for you?
  • OBP market (World’s market & Asia market)
  • OBP vs GRS
  • Benefits
  • Certification process

Who should attend:

This certification is applicable to any industry and to any supply chain, willing to support the collection and incorporation of OBP plastic into their products.

Free of Charge


For more information, please contact:

Prabhath Rathnayake
Control Union Sri Lanka
T  +94 (0)112678607-9    
M +94 (0)770132823
E  prathnayake@controlunion.com; cuslacademy@controlunion.com


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