[ONLINE Training] Enviromental Social Governance (ESG) Awareness (1 Day) 13th July 2023

Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) has picked up expanding consideration over the past 10 years, with numerous regulation frameworks in designing ESG reporting frameworks and investors likely to have higher confidence in vesting in those institutions that are transparently disclosing their ESG performance. In reality, ESG has contemplations pertinent to all the interested parties (stakeholders) and has gotten to be a key point of discourse in the BOD level. This course gives an outline of an ESG framework and how it underpins a Company’s overall risk management.

This course helps to look at each component in detail and outlines the optimum ESG design in complying with ESG.  This training also is able to provide insight into how ESG converge to impact a Company and its stakeholders. At the same time, the participants should be able to relate ESG expectations and in aligning it with Company’s culture to handle corporate pressure and meet the interested parties’ needs & expectations by identifying the internal & external issues and its impacts on risk identifications & mitigations. Finally, the participants will have basic idea on the ways to engineer practical ESG solutions by taking into considerations of all interested parties and also the relevant frameworks, before ensuring the theory been put into practice.

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                                                                        DAY 1






Ice Breaker

  • Introductions to ESG, including commonly used terms and jargons – its definitions.
  • How sustainability reporting promotes organizational change

10.30am -10.45am

Morning Break


  • Overview on sustainability schemes available in the market, reporting and verification.
  • The sustainability reporting standards’ organization and its overlaps other standards and frameworks.
  • Key terms, features, and structure of the sustainability reporting standards.


Lunch Break


  • How to engage stakeholders inside and outside your organization (stakeholders’ inclusivity).
  • Material topics, impacts, boundaries, and targets.


Evening Break


  • Overview on ways to create meaningful and measurable results in sustainability by having basic understanding on available impact tools.


Q&A Session

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